Brand Questionnaire


Tell me how I can help you achieve your goals


There are a few key questions you may answer to help me understand your business and your target audience.

Answering these questions will provide clarity for me as your designer about what’s important to you and your business.

Armed with this understanding, I’ll be able to create a design that communicates who you are to your audience in a way that is inspiring, eye catching and delivers a message that will give people a reason to engage with your business.

About You
Your Name
Your Name
About Your Brand
Examples: In person. On a website. Through my product.
Examples: Store Front. Social Media. Google. Vehicle Graphics.
Examples: A competitor, a brand you want to emulate, or a specific style such as modern or vintage.
Think Nike or Apple, but try to name some brands within your industry that you look up to.
Your Brand's Personality
Brand Attributes
Brand Attributes
Read a statement then select an option below it that describes how you feel.
My brand is more practical than fun.
My brand is forward, aggressive and loud at times.
My brand is very formal.
My brand is expensive.
My brand feels handcrafted.
My brand is very modern and cutting edge.
My brand is homey and warm, not polished and perfect.
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