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a beautiful brand identity shows confidence and invites engagement.


What I Do

+ Naming

+ Logo Design

+ Brand Development

+ Print & Digital Design

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Illustration

+ Photography

+ Marketing

Who I Work For

+ Restaurants

+ Coffee Shops

+ Jewelers

+ Makers

+ Artists

+ Doctors

+ Non-profits

+ Agencies

Who I am

I'm a people person and I probably like you.

My favorite ways to spend time when not designing are hanging out with my wife, motorcycle riding, camping or photo walks. I also love anything involving coffee or cooking food!

Where I am

Originally from eastern Pennsylvania and now in Charlotte North Carolina with my lovely wife.

Want to meet up? Let's grab coffee!

Charlotte, NC

+1 717 412 1504



My Process



I want to tap into your understanding of your clients and the market for your product or service, then combine that with my knowledge of visual communication so we can create something really powerful together.


Phase 1 / Discovery

Let's learn about your goals and what makes you tick.

Now let's discover the kind of customer you will care most about; what they like and what will attract them to you.

Using all this knowledge I'll put together a mood board to set the visual style of your brand identity moving forward.

Phase 2 / Design

I'll begin designing concepts that follow the style set by the mood board in phase 1 and discard ideas that stray from this direction.

Sometimes I start by sketching with pencil so I can iterate quickly and explore many ideas.

After sketching logo concepts, I'll present my best work on some practical uses cases: a business card, on a sign, or a website mockup.


I will create a style guide to help you maintain brand consistency as you apply the new logo across all the different mediums.

The Style Guide will document color and font specifications as well as design decisions that were made during the design phase.

I'll deliver the completed style guide and fully editable versions of your logo as well as digital formats that are print and web ready.




make it simple.

Launching a new brand identity should not be complicated. I'll make it easy.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Projects range from $1k to $8k and are custom tailored to the needs of your brand.

Q: How many options can you design?

A: My job to understand capture the essence of your brand in a design, not to overwhelm you with options. I'll present my best work and we'll work together until we succeed in representing your brand.



A: Phase one of my process is designed to put us on the same page about styles, colors and fonts to avoid misunderstandings. I will work with you until you are beyond pleased and we meet the design goals of the project.

Q: What is a style guide?

A: The style guide is brand style documentation; it includes details like font styles, color specifications, and detailed application guides for using your new logo and how not to use it.